Full or Partial Scholarships for B+ and C+ Trainings

These funds will be used for B+ and C+ training for students based on their needs. This could help cover the costs of tuition, supplies or housing during the training events.


Development of Permanent Classroom Space**

A permanent classroom space will help ensure a better learning environment for our students. It will ensure that we will not have to rent property and move equipment between classes which will save time and precious resources.


Development of Online Class Broadcast Studio**

The development of the broadcast studio will be used for all of our online classes as well as for the development of training videos. Additionally, funds will be used to purchase or maintain broadcast equipment.


Development of Parcel of Land for Outdoor Training Venues.

The tract of land will be used for various purposes for our C+ trainings.

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jail, jail bar, prison-1287943.jpg


Development of New Government Detention Simulation Facility

A new government detention simulation facility will be built to enhance our C+ training.


Vehicle for Student and Visiting Presenter Use

A local ministry has graciously donated a used vehicle for the ministry. The fund will be used for general costs such as fuel and maintenance and the funds will be maintained to eventually replace the existing vehicle.


Development of Free Basic Online Church Security Training Sessions

Funds are needed to develop new online on demand videos.

** Current and greatest needs