Fort Sherman Ministries is dedicated to supporting those who are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believers and unreached people groups around the world. Even though Fort Sherman Ministries (FSM) is not actively involved in outreach, its goals are to give those in ministry what they need to encourage bold outreach, while protecting themselves, the people they work with and their ministry by making training available to them. In partnership with Shopine Systems, dba Fort Sherman Academy, FSM is dedicated to making training accessible to missionaries and ministry leaders.

FSM promotes the goals of seeing to it that members of ministry are given the tools to allow them to be bold in the face of difficult situations, go further into darker areas and to stay longer, reaching as many UPG’s as possible.

By developing resources to assist training, FSM and its donor partners make it possible to lessen costs to students. By developing scholarship programs and helping to develop facilities and tools for training, FSM and its donor partners make it possible for missionaries and ministry partners to obtain vital training at a lesser cost than normal. The development of a scholarship program can cut and/or eliminate tuition costs for trainees, dependent upon need.